Still not over this …. :D


Still not over this …. :D

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Anonymous asked: Can I talk to you?


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Anonymous asked: Hi


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This is the Harry I know.

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HEY! this is my first follow forever like ever and i’m pretty sure people don’t read this part but i wanted to say a few things: if you are here, know that i love you!! you’re the reason that i love tumblr so much and come back here everyday. and you always keep my dash filled with niall, narry, harry and zayn (sometimes ziall but shhh it’s ok) so thank you!! i have this blog for like 4 months and i’ve already met some amazing people i can call friends :) thank you for everything, it means the world to me. i also want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me, it means a lot!! i’m really here for this and i’m so glad you guys like my blog. and how amazing is this edit right?? wow. ok so if you’re bolded, it means i really love you a lot. and i also wrote you a little message because i’m lame lol so scroll over your url. love you all <3

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Anonymous asked: will you marry me? sincerely, Me ;)

hell yeah babe let’s get hitched (;

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